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Wine Drinking Preferences in Singapore

Published: 01/03/2016 Comments 1

Some general trends in the wine preferences and consumption patterns I observed amongst the wine drinkers in Singapore, for example: Asian Chinese predominantly favours red wines over white.... White and sparkling wines have more female fans than male.... People either love or hate Chardonnay, they are rarely neutral to it.... The more matured and sophisticated drinkers seek out the dry and complex wines while new drinkers would prefer lighter and sweeter wines. Interestingly, the earlier group tend to be more price sensitive and will seek out good wines at reasonable prices, while the latter group are willing to pay higher prices for perceived better wines.In general, it is very heartening for me to see that wine drinkers in Singapore are becoming more informed - they know what they like and they know where they can get them more inexpensively. But they are also experimental and like to try out new wines.

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To Wine or Not to Wine

Published: 03/01/2016 Comments 2

The age long question about whether red wines are beneficial to our health remains inconclusive, but my take is this: listen to your body when you drink and you will find the answer. .... if you feel great after drinking wine, then it's probably good for you. ... if after drinking wine you get dizzy, feel hyper-ventilated, nauseous, moody or bad-tempered, or your blood-pressure rises, get hot flushes, ... Then wine isn't good for you.

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