Simple and elegant wooden box specially designed to protect and hold a single bottle of wine. 

Perfect accompaniment for your wine gift on any occasion. 

Comes with a latched door opener that makes access to the interior so much easier compared to other common designs with sliding covers.

Shredded paper fillings are included in each box.

Note: This box dimension holds most normal bottle-sized wines, but will be too small for the wider-based wines such as those of Sparkling wines. This box will not be able to hold the following wines from The Wine Stable:

- Ashwell Vineyards Pinot Noir 2009

- Ashwell Vineyards RESERVE Pinot Noir 2009

- Longview The Piece Shiraz 2010 (comes with its own canister)

- Longview Yakka Shiraz 2010

- Longview W.Wagtail Brut Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2013

- Margrain La Michelle Methode Traditionelle 2012



Height: 35.8cm

Width: 9.4cm

Depth: 9.8cm

Wood thickness: 0.7cm


Height: 33.5cm

Width: 8.7cm

Depth: 8.7cm

Only available when purchased together with wines from The Wine Stable.

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Wine Wooden Box - Single

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