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About Us

The Wine Stable
- Everyday's Pleasure in a Bottle

Our Business Philosophy

The Wine Stable (TWS) endeavours to bring boutique quality, hand-crafted wines to wine-lovers in Singapore at prices affordable to everyone.  At the core of our belief is that good wines don't always have to cost a premium. 

How do we do this? We research, talk to fellow wine-lovers, keep trying new wines, knock directly on the doors of selected winemakers who produce premium quality wines at the highest quality-price ratio, share with them our business philosophy and convince them to share their wines with us. We import all our wines directly from their vineyards to our warehouse in order to make them available to everyone in Singapore at the lowest possible price.  

So if you are a discerning wine-drinker who just want to be able to enjoy a nice bottle of wine everyday without burning a hole in your pocket,

 Welcome to The Wine Stable !

My Story

I love wine. Drinking a glass of good wine everyday relaxes me and gives me contentment. From the complexity of the wines, I feel the simplicity of life. 

Having just spent more than a decade working overseas, I am now back in Singapore with my family and adjusting to life in my home country (read: getting sticker-shocked by the prices of wines here).

TWS is my first foray into running a business. To say it's challenging is an understatement. But like I always tell my children, so long as you are doing something you have a passion for, you can't go too wrong.

 I am very adventurous in my palate, and I am constantly exploring new regions and new wineries - ultimately looking for wines that outperform their price.  I uncovered Cyprus wines by chance and found them to be the perfect wines to go with our local Singaporean cuisine. I have always been a big fan of Australian and New Zealand wines, so these are the ones I am bringing in for the initial launch of TWS. I am very keen to explore the 'green' wines, the organic and biodynamic varieties. You should be able to see them here soon. 

TWS is my reach out to share my favourite wines to everyone in Singapore. I am always on the lookout for more varieties to add to my offerings here. Give me your reviews, comments, feedback etc, and give suggestions on which wine labels you would like to see here, and I will keep improving and expanding my list.  Wine is my passion, I am more than happy to do this.