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Case Specials

Can't make up your mind what to buy? You can't go wrong with our Case Specials. We have a pre-selected variety of wines for your different occasions. Get them in half case or full case at a special discount of up to 20% off their regular price.

All NEW Suave And Sauv - Half Case
New Hot -17 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Various - Mixed Case Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
For Sauvignon Blanc lovers, this special package replaces our previous best-seller with new Sauvignon Blancs from Misty ..
$150.00 $180.00
Longview Red Passion - Mixed Half Case
New Hot -15 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Longview Vineyard Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
A half-case of passionate reds from the Longview Vineyards at a super bargain. This half case consists ofLongview D..
$199.00 $234.00
Tuscany Red Suite - Half Case
Hot -16 %
Brand: Tenuta Il Palazzo Region: Tuscany, Italy
Get the whole suite of our new range of Italian wines from Il Palazzo, Toscana at a special package price. Four reds, al..
$235.00 $281.00
All Suave And Sauv - Half Case
Hot -15 %
Brand: Various - Mixed Case Region: Various regions
For Sauvignon Blanc lovers, a half-case of 6 of the best Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. Case consis..
$140.00 $165.00
Bogle Family Red - Half Case
New Hot -16 %
Brand: Bogle Vineyards Region: Clarksburg, California, USA
A half-case of Super Reds from the American Winery of the Year 2019 - Bogle Family Vineyards at a bargain. This hal..
$189.00 $224.00
Vavasour Special - Half Case
New Hot -21 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Foley Family Wines - Vavasour Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
A half case of 6 gorgeous wines from Vavasour of Awatere Valley at a special price. You can get the premium range of Fel..
$178.00 $224.00
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