I have been observing and analysing the wines preferences of my customers over these past months and interestingly, although it is still true that every individual has his/her own drinking preferences, there still exists an observable general trends in the palates and consumption patterns based on age, gender and where they come from. 

  • Asian Chinese predominantly favours red wines over white. And usually heavy reds. Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Shiraz and Merlot are typically their most sought-after varietals. 
  • There are few wine enthusiasts amongst Taiwanese, they overwhelmingly prefer liquor, and for the matter, whiskey.
  • Indians usually prefer wines which are neither too light nor too heavy, the in-between.
  • Down under, Australians and New Zealanders tend to prefer white over red, and within each group, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir top the list.
  • Americans like red better than white.

  • Amongst Chinese from Mainland China, there is also an observable difference in their red wine preferences (they are rarely white wine lovers). Those from northern China prefer full-bodied reds, and the higher the alcohol content, the better. In contrast, their southern counterparts go for lighter and more refreshing wines. 
  • White and sparkling wines have more female fans than male. 
  • People either love or hate Chardonnay, they are rarely neutral to it. 
  • The more matured and sophisticated drinkers seek out the dry and complex wines while new drinkers would prefer lighter and sweeter wines. Interestingly, the earlier group tend to be more price sensitive and will seek out good wines at reasonable prices, while the latter group are willing to pay higher prices for perceived better wines. 

As for consumption practices - 

  • Younger drinkers tend to drink in bars and restaurants, older drinkers prefer to drink at home.
  • Westerners often drink wines along with their meals, and not unusually on a daily basis. Asians drink only on special occasions, and in a group or party.
In general, it is very heartening for me to see that wine drinkers in Singapore are becoming more informed - they know what they like and they know where they can get them more inexpensively. They are also experimental and like to try out new wines. I have enjoyed interacting and getting to know all these wine enthusiasts over the last few months and this has definitely been the most rewarding aspect of this business.